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The talks are held at The Style and Winch, and are normally £3 to cover costs, with any extra going to The Good Thinking Society.

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Dr Peter Bloomfield

Monday, October 3 2016 at 7:30PM

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72 Union Street
ME14 1ED
(01622) 752351

Dr Peter Bloomfield

What's the talk about?


The brain is the most complicated computational device humans have access to. It is a network of 86 billion neurons, each with 1000 connections, allowing communication inside our minds, but also with the rest of our body. The workings of the brain are better understood now than ever before, however there are still questions we are nowhere near answering.
In this talk we will look at the basic makeup of the brain and how it communicates, before taking a more detailed look at what happens when this communication is altered through learning. We will see inside the brain and look at how experiences change the brain and how this relates to diseases like schizophrenia
Peter Bloomfield is a neuroscientist at University College London. His current work is investigating changes in the brain during skill acquisition/learning. He has a research focus on the ‘glial cells’ of the brain he has a core interest in how laboratory research relates to human experience and how disorders of cognition and perception occur
£5 to cover costs with any extra raised going to charity
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