The Skeptics Guide To The Universe The gold standard of science and skeptical podcasting

Talk Nerdy  A weekly podcast from American neuro scientist and science communicator Cara Santa Maria

The Bryan Callen Show A funny guy and a smart guy interview guests on science, history, interesting stuff and a few things in between

Dosenation Informed and rational discusstions on drugs and the drug war, current affairs, history, religion, spirituality and science

Skeptics with a K A twice monthly podcast from The Merseyside Skeptic Society- Flying the flag for skepticism in the U.K (links here to their other podcasts, Be Reasonable and Inkredulous)

Skeptoid A weekly 12 minuet debunking on various Subjects

The Brain Science Podcast The premier Neuro Science podcast. Nothing but brains

Inquiring Minds A weekly in-depth exploration of the place where science, politics, and society collide 

Cognatve Dissonance Its Skeptical, its politcal, and there is no welcome matt!