Online Resources

This is a list of UK and international web based resources relating to the skeptical movement.

The Skeptics Guide to the Universe
The essential weekly podcast for anyone of a scientific mindset.
Ben Goldacre's excellent blog focusing on poor quality science reporting in the media.

The Quackometer
A fantastic blog covering quack medince, with particular focus on homeopathy and Prince Charles's ill-informed "Complementary and Natural Health Council".

The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Science & Reason
This site is a great resource for information and has an active, lively forum.

Little Atoms
A great UK based skeptical podcast with an interview every week.

Skeptic Magazine
The main UK Skeptic publication.

The essential topics for any sceptic are epistemology, the scientific method - and of course logical fallacies.  If there is one thing that angers skeptics more than anything else, it's when people damage the health of others by inventing magic remedies and pretending they work without testing them.  Learn about the importance of the clinical trial.


Some great books on sceptical topics.  If you have any other recomendations please send them in via the contact form.

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