Hassan Radwan

Tuesday, February 19 2019 at 7:30PM

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8 Pocklingtons Walk,

Hassan Radwan

What's the talk about?

Hassan graduated with 1st class honours in Arabic from SOAS university of London in 1984, his specialist subjects being Qur'anic commentary and Pre-Islamic poetry. For 3 years he served as president of SOAS Students Islamic Society. He spent 15 years as a teacher at Islamia Primary School in London and has written four books for Muslim children as well as leading an Islamic circle. After going through a period of questioning & doubting his faith he now identifies as Agnostic and recently translated the book "My Ordeal with the Qur'an" from Arabic to English. Hassan campaigns for the freedom to question and leave Islam without fear of abuse, violence and death threats.

In this talk, Hassan Radwan tells the story of his journey being a Muslim born and bought up in the UK and how he began questioning it in later years.