Ash Pryce

Tuesday, November 19 2019 at 7:30PM

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8 Friar Lane,

Ash Pryce

What's the talk about?

Ash Pryce presents his new show, fresh from a run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, with additional content exclusively for skeptic, humanists and secularist groups.

Ash’s new show – Ash Pryce Paranormal Illusionist: Live – features a mix of psychic style entertainments and spiritualist demonstrations, drawing on 170 years of supernatural scams, tricks and cheats, to create a performance that is equal parts eerie, spooky, and unsettling - but incredibly fun.  Featuring performances of telekinesis, mind reading, psychometry, and spirit communication that do not rely on anything supernatural or psychic, because as TVs Patrick jane points out – there’s no such thing as psychics. There is however Ash Pryce, Paranormal Illusionist.

The magic and mentalism show will draw on elements of 19th century Spiritualism, and 20th Century television psychics for a piece that is fully theatre in nature.

The second half will be a section created exclusively for sceptically-minded audiences which looks at the overlap between what Ash does as entertainment, and what many claim to be a genuine psychic ability.  Ash will look as some of history’s most outrageous psychic scam artists and charlatans including human levitation, ectoplasm manifestation as well as the two 19th century sisters that started the entire Spiritualist movement -Kate and Maggie Fox – who would later go on to reveal they had themselves been nothing but psychic con-women.

A night of paranormal themed magic, tales of historic charlatans, all in a comfy environment with flowing booze?

“If you want to see something truly amazing, this is the place to see it and this is the man to show you.“ – Bunbury magazine

Twitter & Insta: @ashpryce