Dr Emma Chapman

Tuesday, October 27 2015 at 7:30PM

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72 Union Street
ME14 1ED
(01622) 752351

Dr Emma Chapman

What's the talk about?

With ever more ambitious telescopes and probes giving us pictures of far-off comets, planets and even other galaxies, it is easy to think that the mysteries of our Universe are solved. But look closer and we find that those galaxies are spinning much faster than they should be and our brightest stars are flying away from us at ever faster speeds. To present day we understand a mere 4% of what makes up our Universe - the photons, protons, electrons, Higgs bosons etc... Dr Chapman will be talking about the other 96% - the stuff that makes our Universe do very strange things but that we know almost nothing about.

£5 donation to cover cost with the extra going to charity